The impact of giving

Contributions made through the University of Maryland Medical System Foundation help to advance healthcare excellence across the University of Maryland Medical System. Our teams of physicians, nurses and staff are known for their expertise in delivering time-sensitive critical care medicine. Philanthropic support helps us to continue to deliver compassionate patient care in facilities that are commensurate with our expertise. Donor support allows us to purchase the newest technologies and equipment, continue and enhance our patient and family-care programs and improve the overall patient experience. To learn more about specific areas where your giving can have an impact, click here.

“I feel as if the gathering of the 'perfect storm' was overcome thanks to my having found a team of world-class experts to handle my care, all located under one roof here at the University of Maryland Medical Center. My medical team was the best there is. You don’t run into folks like them every day.”
- Louis Schwarz

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