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powered by the Baltimore Pacemakers

What are your goals for running the Maryland Half Marathon?

Aiming for a particular time? Trying to achieve a personal best?

Want to benefit from the experience of a veteran runner?

Each group will be led by one or more experienced members of the Baltimore Pacemakers running group.  Just meet up with the group of your choice at the starting line and you'll have someone to guide and encourage you to achieve your goal.

Pace groups will be organized to finish in the following times:
Finishing time Pace
(hours:minutes) (min/mile)
1:40                     7:38
1:45                     8:01
1:50                     8:24
1:55                     8:47
2:00                     9:10
2:05                     9:33
2:10                     9:55
2:20                     10:41
2:30                     11:27
2:40                     12:13

How Pace Groups Work:



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