R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Gala Honors Those Who Go "Above and Beyond"

April 22, 2017

Above and Beyond - Shock Trauma Gala 2017Calling their recoveries “medical miracles,” two patients and the first responders and medical teams who saved them from near certain death were honored tonight at the 28th Annual R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Gala at the Baltimore Convention Center. The annual event, which tonight hosted 1,500 attendees, honors the State’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and medical professionals who represent Maryland’s unique, highly coordinated trauma system.

“It’s a privilege to care for patients when life is on the line,” says Thomas M. Scalea, MD, the Honorable Francis X. Kelly Distinguished Professor of Trauma Surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Physician-in-Chief, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. “The incredible stories of survival and recovery that we shared this evening would not have been possible without the seamless care of the prehospital providers, nurses, physicians, and rehabilitation specialists — who together make up Maryland’s trauma system, the most sophisticated system of care in the United States.

Those in attendance heard the remarkable stories of Thomas (T.J.) Scanlon and Douglas Wetzel who survived against the odds from life-altering events.

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