Labor and Delivery Unit Undergoes Rebirth

Dr. Harmon with patientEvery day, the physicians and nurses working in the labor and delivery unit of the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) care for pregnant women and newborn babies with a range of complex health conditions. From diabetes and high blood pressure to alcohol and substance addiction, patients throughout Maryland come to receive highly specialized care from our expert medical team.

“The care that we provide to our patients is second to none,” says Tracy Keith, a labor and delivery nurse who has been at UMMC for 26 years. “We get transfers from all over the state of Maryland for high-risk pregnancies. We are able to care for them when other hospitals can’t.”

Advancing Our Care

new momEvery mother, no matter her medical history and socioeconomic background, deserves the best possible care during the intimate moment of childbirth.

While our high level of advanced care is undeniable, the aesthetics and equipment of the labor and delivery unit is in need of a major upgrade. Your support is needed to make this comprehensive renovation a reality.

Labor and delivery campaign by the numbers.

“We are very much looking forward to our new unit. It’s going to make a huge difference in the lives of our patients,” says Amy Brown, a nurse who has worked in labor and delivery for 10 years. “When [our patients] are here, what they see is the rooms. They look at these rooms and they aren’t happy with them. It’s hard sometimes for patients to get passed that and see the excellent care that we give. So we want our rooms and our unit to match the care that we give so the people can see we’re beautiful all the way through.”

Fulfilling a Critical Need

With your financial support, the labor and delivery renovation will:

new patient room

New patient room, perspective 1

new patient room, perspective 2

New patient room, perspective 2

new lobby

New labor and delivery unit lobby

As new equipment and treatments continue to develop, it remains crucial for UMMC to stay on top of the latest health care trends. The new labor and delivery unit fulfills an immense need, providing more space to patients and upgrading outdated facilities and equipment. Through this renovation, we want our mothers to focus more on what matters most — the health and wellbeing of their new child.

Please consider making a gift to help us achieve this goal.


Questions about the labor and delivery renovation? 
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