Shock Trauma Life Partners

Become a Life PartnerOur Life Partners program significantly impacts our ability to expand and sustain our mission to provide unparalleled, lifesaving care. Life Partners contribute through recurring monthly donations.

When you become a Life Partner, you will be honored and recognized on our website, and your name will be displayed in the Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower. You will become part of a growing list of partners who help advance the mission and support the lifesaving work of the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

Become a Life Partner


We are grateful to our Life Partners for their ongoing generosity:

The Living Legacy Foundation,
In Honor of Organ and Tissue Donors and their Families

Edward and Cheryl Adkins

James Ambrosius,
In Honor of Carolyn Ambrosius

Deanna Marie Amos

Phyllis and Leonard Attman and Family

Joshuha A. Ayres

Donna Witters Banks,
In Memory of Paul Witters

John and Susan Barke

Dr. Frank Barnes, Jr. & Dr. Tanya Carter and Family

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bates

Bay State Health Consultants, Inc.,
In Honor of Leonard Attman

Paula F. Bell

Robert and Kimberly Bennett

Dr. Laura Benthale Dr. Mary K. Boggs

Brian Boor

The Boragno Family

Richard E. Boulden, Sr. Dale and Vicki Bowlus

Diane and Douglas Bragdon

Joseph Calo

Matthew Cannon

Daphne Caprio

Cheri Carver, RN

Nancy Cohen

Drew Contractor

Jeffrey Davis

Joseph DeMattos

Karen Doyle

David and Debbie Drown

Eaton Corporation

Herbert K. Fallin

Mindie Flamholz

Lacy Flynn,
In Honor of Dr. Seamus Flynn and Dr. Thomas Scalea

Bryan Foreman

Jan L. Francis, RN

Linda George

Ethan Giffin,
In Memory of Ralph Giffin

Julia and Drew Gilroy,
In Honor and Remembrance of all Maryland law Enforcement

Margaret Rebecca Grant

Cynthia Greene-Graham

Joann Gruebl

Richard M. Haas

David Hammer

Christopher T. Hardesty Danette Hare

Charlene and Jeffrey Hennemuth

Debra Henry

The Herget Foundation

Michael Hudson and Allison Boyle

Carolyn L. Johnson

Stephanie Jordan

James Kieffer

Derek Kolokythas

Geoffrey and Fran Kroll

Hal Kuff

Karen and Marshall Lancaster

Pam Lansberry

Joseph J. Larivey

Kathleen MacCubbin

Charles B. Magich

Scott and Donna Maher

Maryland Correctional Institution Hagerstown

Mia McDonald

Cheryl McFadden

Amber McMillion

Jennifer Milesky

Dennis and JoAnn Mitchell,
In Honor of our Family and Friends

Bruce and Gail Mogol

Don Mohler

John D. Morrissey, M.D.

Evan E. Mortimer, MD,
In Honor of Evan E. (Mort) Mortimer, MD

Rosemary E. S. Mortimer, RN

Ralph S. Mueller

Fady Nasrallah, MD FACS

Joseph M. Niland

Charles and Dorothy Overmiller

Erica and Mark Paige

Carolyn Peterkin

Pamela Polk,
In Honor of Kenneth Jackson Polk

Pool and Kent Corporation

Mary Ptaschek

The Family of Justin Reed

Danielle, Jessica and Amanda Rein

H. Neil Reynolds, MD

Thomas Reynolds

Kyle and Dawn Richardson

Alma Rios-Cwiek

Marilyn Robinson

Susan and Alan Rosen

Steve, Marianne, Ryan, Colby and Taylor Braun

Dora and Larry Russell and Family

Daniel Schepleng

Paul Schwartz

Maria Elena and Eric Shaffer,
In Honor of our Family

Mrs. MaryAnn Shanas

Ms. Amy E. Shillingburg

Mr. Imran E. Siddiqi

David Skarupa

Jeffrey Slusher

Jim and Sandy Smith

Adam Snavely

Richard and Barbara Snyder,
In Tribute to our friend, George Doetsch

The Stamp Children and Grandchildren,
In Honor of Ralph Marbury Stamp, Jr.

Barbara Stegall

Dr. Jill Watras

Ashley Weaver

Mike and Jen Weissmueller

Mike D. Wiethorn

Charles E. Wiles, MD

Terry Wotring,
In Honor of Team C Doctors Larry Yeaton

As of March 8, 2017.