Heroic Gifts to the Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower

UMMC/UMMS Leadership

UMMC buildingThe Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower houses the world’s finest and most compassionate medical professionals, who for decades have set the gold standard for treating critically sick and injured patients. The leadership team’s contribution to support the building of this tower is an extension of our commitment to the people of Maryland – to care for every individual who comes through these doors as if they were a member of our own family.

This new Critical Care Tower is dedicated to the team of men and women who work tirelessly inside these walls to give each and every patient the best possible opportunity for survival and recovery.

Prior to the opening of this new building, the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center was serving twice as many patients each year as it was designed to manage. The leadership teams of the Medical Center and the Medical System came together to contribute the first $1 million gift for this building because we knew first-hand what it felt like to not have room to take care of a patient that needed us.

This building houses an expanded emergency department, laboratory, operating rooms, patient floors, and training facilities that will ensure more patients will get the care they need in their hour of need.

Making a facility such as this Critical Care Tower a reality takes a team not only of architects, engineers and builders but of individuals with a vision, a passion for excellence and a significant commitment of financial resources. We felt that we could not ask for that kind of financial commitment of others without first asking ourselves. This message is dedicated to the approximately 30 executives of the Medical System and Medical Center who joined us to donate to this building. This gift and the leadership these individuals exemplify embody the spirit of our mission and is a legacy we are proud to leave behind.

Time-sensitive critical care medicine is a hallmark of this Medical Center’s service to our community, state and region. This new tower – and the incredible people who work within it – will enable us to remain at the forefront of trauma and critical care medicine for decades to come. On behalf of the executives who contributed to this gift, it is our sincere wish that all of you who pass through our doors will find hope in the expertise of our teams and be comforted by their compassion and dedication.

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