Heroic Gifts to the Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower

Physician Partners

Physician PartnersMy name is Dr. E. Albert Reece. I am the vice president for Medical Affairs at the University of Maryland and the dean of the School of Medicine.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower, which is an expansion of the nation’s only trauma hospital.

Since 1973, the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center has been saving the lives of citizens, not only here in Baltimore, but throughout the state of Maryland, the region, and in some instances, around the world.

Our physician’s expertise and our amazing success rate for saving lives are envied, both nationally and internationally. The Shock Trauma Center is unquestionably a gem in the Maryland health care delivery system.

Over the past 24 years, thousands of lives have been saved, thousands of trauma physicians, nurses and other medical personnel have been educated, and hundreds of discoveries in diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injury have been made, many of which are now the standard of care in trauma centers throughout the world.

With its countless achievements, the Shock Trauma Center has become of a victim of its own amazing success. Originally built in 1989 to accommodate a maximum of 3,500 patients per year, it now accommodates more than 8,000 admissions per year.

Today, thanks to the tremendous collaboration with multiple stakeholders the state, the University of Maryland Medical System, and private philanthropy – we have this beautiful new critical care tower which will allow us to serve more of those in need of urgent critical care services.

To those families and friends who may be viewing this while a loved one is being treated by our doctors and nurses at the Shock Trauma Center, know this: there is no better critical care facility in the world. While our mission is never simple, our goal is simply – preserve live, one at a time.

Thank you so much for your support.

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