Children's Heart Program Running Team 2019

Our first team 2009
Our first team 2009


Welcome to Team Rosie!

We are a team that started with Dr. Geoff Rosenthal and family that now includes a pack of parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, doctors, nurses, PTs, med students, college students, and friends. All of us are dedicated to the mission of the Children's Heart Program: to provide the best quality family-centered care for every child with heart disease. We are especially committed to the family part of the mission and are excited that the amazing pediatric rehab team is our fund-raising focus. We've appreciated the many post-race stretches they've given our team after the race and you would also love to hear the many inspiring ways they give to the Children's Heart Program families --both in their work hours and in the many after-work hours they dedicate to the kids they serve.

The most inspiring part of the running festival is meeting up at our tent after the race. We celebrate patients and their families who have overcome incredible challenges to be able to run alongside us AND sometimes cross the finish line way before us. We get a chance to high-five the most dedicated of pediatric ICU nursing and hospital staff. We rest (with added help from the best physical therapists in town), recover with our Potbelly spread, and just have a lot of fun hanging out while everyone returns. Family and friends supporting runners are always most welcome, too. We have games, treats, and always open arms to hold babies!

We thank you for any and all support and hope to see you October 19th.



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