Honor a Caregiver

Honor a caregiverOur doctors, nurses, and medical staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center remain on the front lines, taking every possible measure to ensure the health and safety of our patients and communities. While battling the coronavirus pandemic over the past 12 months, we have turned to those health care experts for guidance, knowledge, and—above all else—optimism. Join us in celebrating Doctor’s Day (March 30) and Nurses Week (May 6-12) by honoring a special physician, nurse, or caregiver within the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Honor your caregiver with a tribute gift and personal message of gratitude

Health Care HeroesWe invite you to make a gift in recognition of your special caregiver and include a personal message of thanks. Within the donation form, check the "Honor a Caregiver" box to write your message for the caregiver you choose to honor. No mention of the gift amount will be included in the notification sent to your caregiver.

Your gift will serve as a testament to the work of a trusted caregiver, who deeply appreciates and is inspired by the confidence demonstrated by your generosity, and will directly support the training and patient care initiatives that are so vital to our work.



Integrative Care Team at UMMC aids in patient's healing journey

In May 2020, Stanley* was brought to the University of Maryland Medical Center with a severe COVID-19 diagnosis. With the various safety precautions in place, Stanley was unable to have family or friends visit during his three week stay. “I knew I was receiving the best medical care, but I was scared and felt very alone. The Integrative Care Team changed that for me.”

The Integrative Care Team at UMMC works alongside the medical care team, with a goal of empowering patients, families and staff to become active participants in their healing journey.

The team notes, “Sometimes this occurs with music, sometimes nurturing touch, and other times listening to the patient’s story—always with compassion. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the natural stresses of being treated in a hospital setting, and the team recognized that a healing presence and other therapies facilitated by our team could positively impact the well-being of the patient.”

The Integrative Care Team sat down with Stanley to better understand his fears, passions and comforts. Stanley spoke of his love for his 4-year-old granddaughter, who he missed dearly. He expressed a fear of his granddaughter seeing him in such a vulnerable state—in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask.

Carol Joy playing harpThe Integrative Care Team created a calming atmosphere for the patient.

Carol Joy, a harpist within the Integrative Care Team, arranged a “Zoom concert” for Stanley and his granddaughter. The music allowed him to feel a sense of calmness, and he and his granddaughter were able to bond over the music. “The music sparked a passion that I had forgotten and reconnected me with my grandchild at a time of social distancing.”

Read heartfelt messages that grateful patients have sent to their caregivers in the past. 

*name changed for anonymity

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Thank you for joining us in recognizing our caregivers and celebrating their commitment to healing and patient care.