Cell Therapy Program

cancer researchSince 1998, Aaron Rapoport, MD and his colleagues at the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC) have been conducting groundbreaking translational research using patient-derived T-cells to enhance immune recovery for blood cancers.

Through major clinical trials and collaborations with other centers, Dr. Rapoport demonstrated the potential for genetically engineered patient-derived immune cells to treat advanced and resistant forms of leukemia and lymphoma. This innovative form of cell therapy is now being applied to other types of cancers as well.

This type of pioneering research requires cell production, which can only be done in a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and Clean Room Facility. While construction is underway for a GMP and Clean Room Facility, your support is needed for the development of our Cell Therapy Program.

GMP Facility

Diagram of the new Good Manufacturing Process and Clean Room Facility

By making a gift, you will directly help our Cell Therapy Program become a thriving and self-sustaining operation. Most importantly, your support will ensure our team has the ability to continue their groundbreaking discoveries that will benefit countless people who seek innovative care for cancer and other degenerative diseases.