Maryland Half Marathon & 5K 2023

Celebrate Life
Celebrate Life


Welcome to my Maryland Half Marathon & 5K Page - Run or Walk with me June 10th

It's Karen McHugh, and again I am participating in the 2023 Maryland Half Marathon & 5K (which is back in-person this year!) yeahhh - we are raising money for the fight against cancer.   100% of every dollar I raise goes directly to the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC).   It's right here in your own neighborhood!

Since 2009, participants like me have raised more than $5 million to support UMGCCC’s cutting-edge care and groundbreaking research. And this year, we’re going for a new fundraising best.

As a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, UMGCCC ranks among the top cancer centers in the country. They combine compassionate care with the most advanced treatment options available. I hope you’ll consider making a donation to fund their amazing work. Your support helps provide lifesaving treatment to UMGCCC patients and funds research that benefits cancer patients everywhere.

I am not giving up this year!   I am ready to roll and this is important to my heart. It's time to give back so that research, treatments and care of the fantastic doctors, nurses and their staff at the University of MD can provide their patient's the best of everything! This is the future of your children, your family and friends! Cancer is not fun no matter what type!

It's Big, it's Life, and it's Awesome to feel like your donation could save someones life or help them to live again, and do all the things you do Living Great!

Your donations are important to those patients, they need top resources so they can feel comfortable when getting their first chemo treatment, radiation treatment, blood draws, breathing tubes, feeding tubes, or just about everything a cancer patient could feel and need. Believe me I was there; and it's not fun, the aniexity is real before, during and afterward. The hand holding you need, the continued comfort and care from the doctors and nurses that are there for you!

So today, I am asking you make your donation - whatever you can from your heart. I and so many will be forever grateful, and continue to support my journey and story.   And most of all join my team and let's celebrate a recovery and continued positive vibes through the next few years I have my CT Scans, blood draws and my follow up radiation appts.

Make a contribution today. Together, we can move the fight against cancer forward!

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If you need to make your gift offline, please use our form. (PDF)

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