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Children with heart disease inspire the Children's Heart Program Running Team.

We run or walk with a simple mission: to support every extraordinary family whose child is in the care of the Children's Heart Program at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

We raise awareness of congenital heart defects because every 15 minutes, a new family learns of the diagnosis of this most common serious birth defect.

We raise money for the Children's Heart Program Family Fund because financial assistance can help ease the strain of long hospital stays, time away from work, care for siblings and complex rehab needs at home.

We raise hope for all of us because watching a child or parent cross the finish line after a very scary start in life helps us realize that we can overcome challenges together.

Our running team members are family, friends, nurses, doctors, therapists, current and former patients, and anyone else who loves the energy on the course and the atmosphere of celebration at the end of the race.

Join us to honor a child, to rally around a family, or simply to share the healing power that comes from devotion to a common cause.


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