A Motivator On and Off the Field

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh and his family are donating meals every Friday in May to the entire team (all 650 employees) at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. Our dedicated workforce will receive meals from Crossroads Bistro, Two Guys, Smokin J’s BBQ, Bistro Lunch Box, and Farm to Charm. Coach Harbaugh took a moment to reflect on this extraordinary gift and explain his feelings about giving back to those on the front lines.

What inspired you to give back to our front line workers?

Shock Trauma staffWe have the utmost respect for our front line workers. I am reminded of a sign that my daughter has posted in her bedroom: “Hands for work and hearts for God.” Without question, that applies to our first responders, doctors, nurses, and everyone in health care administration. The selfless commitment they continually display is remarkable. We are incredibly grateful for their constant dedication and hard work—especially during this public health crisis.

When we were trying to think of how we could help, we thought, “Everybody likes to eat, right!?” Food trucks are a part of the fabric of Baltimore and by bringing those to the front-liners, it allows them to take a break, interact a little, and enjoy some good food, which was something that we felt was important. From our family by the Grace of God.

Why did you choose Shock Trauma? Do you have a personal connection to Shock Trauma or UMMC?

I met Dr. Thomas Scalea (Physician-In-Chief of Shock Trauma) and we got talking about what would be beneficial to the staff. I visited there a year or so ago and was just so impressed by what they do. Such a selfless and professional group, they deserve to be saluted.

Through this gift, what message do you want to send to our care providers and to the greater community?

We love our front line workers and appreciate everything they’re doing to keep our communities safe. Not only do they care for and serve those who are most in need, but they inspire each one of us with amazing determination, compassion, and resilience.

Why is philanthropy important to you?

Our community is filled with countless heroes who make a positive impact on so many people. No matter who you are or what you’re able to do, if we can all find ways to help take care of one another, then we’ll truly succeed.


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